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Egoscue Clinics and Certified Practitioners from all over the world use the ePete® Postural Therapy system. As the standard for all therapy protocol, ePete simplifies the menu writing process.

Use ePete to:

  • Keep electronic records of clients
  • Analyze client posture photos
  • Create a menu of E-cises customized for each individual client

ePete is an excellent resource for working with clients and becoming a more efficient therapist! The ePete software is available on desktop computers and iPads, see download links below.



ePete (desktop)
Postural alignment software

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Need help installing ePete?
Download Instructions for Mac
Download Instructions for Windows


ePete (iPad)
Postural alignment software

Learn more about ePete for the iPad


ePete EDU

Specifically designed for Egoscue Institute students enrolled in the Postural Alignment Specialist Certification program.

Download Software

For questions contact Egoscue Institute at (800) 933-9811 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will need Java to run this software. Download latest version.