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Founded in 1998, the Institute was initially created to help health practitioners all over the world expand their ability to improve the lives of their clients. By introducing postural therapy to various kinds of traditional modalities, client success and overall wellness rates reached new heights.

In the years that followed, the Institute successfully taught the principles of The Egoscue Method of postural therapy allowing independently owned Egoscue clinics to open all over the world. In addition to our clinic model, with thousands of Certified Practitioners adding postural therapy to their respective practices, client-driven healthcare has moved to the forefront of the modern-day health paradigm.

While we initially started the Institute as an offering to health practitioners, throughout the years we have seen a shift in our student base. Over the years, we found that we weren’t only enrolling chiropractors, massage therapists, and other body workers in our certification track. As the Institute grew, the student base of The Egoscue Institute Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) program has grown to include students from all walks of life and from all occupations. While our student base is still made up of health practitioners, we also have non-health practitioners who want to use the Certification as a way to help their friends and family eliminate pain, as well as Egoscue clients looking to broaden their personal therapy experience.

At Egoscue Institute, we offer several levels certification. While all of our students complete the PAS course to lay the foundation of the Egoscue methodology, those looking to continue their education after completing the PAS certification have options that allow them to expand their knowledge base and expand the scope of their practice. In addition to the PAS, we also offer Therapy Skills (strongly recommended for anyone implementing Egoscue in a daily practice), and our Advanced Exercise Therapist (AET) certification (again, strongly recommended for anyone implementing Egoscue on a daily basis).

For those students pursuing opening an Egoscue clinic, the PAS, Therapy Skills, and AET are all required tracks, in addition to a License Operations course. Our goal at Egoscue Institute is to help you understand that the body is an amazing piece of machinery. And when given the chance, it has an incredible ability to heal itself. That is precisely why the Institute curriculum focuses on the client-driven therapy model, rather than the expert-driven therapy model. We're looking forward to getting you thinking outside of the box!

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